“I planted my tomatoes two
weeks before my daughter, “and they are the same variety. “My garden soil is
extremely humus, “and her soil has
never been tilled, “or had anything planted in it. “Her plants are short
and scraggly looking, “but have lots
of large tomatoes. “Some are ripe. “My plants are
almost eight feet tall “and loaded with
smaller green tomatoes. “I have been successfully
growing tomatoes for “over 30 years, but this year
has been disappointing so far. Why has this year not
ben a good tomato year?” And this is from
Tommy in Millington. So it’s kind of
interesting, you know. His daughter planted in ground
that’s never been planted, and nothing has
been planted in it, seem to be doing ok,
and his, not so much, right? – Yep. – Thirty years, Mr. D., he’s been successfully
planting tomatoes. You think it was a
bad year for tomatoes? – Well, his are eight foot tall, and loaded with
green tomatoes, you know. – [laughs]
Right. – It sounds like what he’s doing
is promoting vegetative growth, so he may be over
fertilizing a little bit. I mean, he’s been growing them
successfully for thirty years, so I’m not going
to argue with that. He obviously knows
what he’s doing. But, you know, I can
see, we had a wet spring. – We had a wet spring. See, that’s my thought. – Cool, and, well
I take that back. We didn’t have a Spring. We went from Winter to Summer. – Yes we did. – So for, I know we have quite a lot of
fire blight around, which usually happens when you
have cool, wet weather. We had a lot of that,
and so he may have had some disease pressure,
and some things that may have gotten
kind of a slow start. But, I, his daughter must
have inherited some of his, she’s figured out how, and
there’s nothing at all wrong with growing tomatoes
in ground that’s not had tomatoes grown before. – Right. – Rotation is good, and so
she probably has less disease pressure than he’s got
if he’s growing them where he’s grown
them for awhile. But why has this year not
been a good tomato year? You know… beats me. There’s a lot of farmers that
are saying why has this year not been a good corn year. – Yeah. – A lot of corn farmers had to
re-plant their corn. And, so. – It’s been a tricky
start to the year though, you know, if you think about it. It’s been wet,
it’s been raining, it has been cold, the
ground was saturated, and cool for a
long period of time. Then we jumped
right into summer. – That’s right, exactly right. – So if you put the
tomatoes in the ground early, then they just sat there. Right, until it
warmed up and dried out, but, yeah, I’m with you,
eight foot tall is not bad. [Chris and Mary chuckle]
– And he’s got them coming, so, loaded with
little green ones. – Yeah, got smaller green ones. – Just control your
diseases on them, and you’ll have them till
frost, keep them going. – Yeah, that’s right. – I think he
needs to ask himself, is there the possibility that he
may have been over-fertilizing just a little bit. Given the weather
conditions that we’ve had.