Several of my boxwoods have leaves at the
tips that are turning brown and dropping off. There are a pile of leaves under the shrubs
and the tips are all bare, as if something has eaten them clean. What is causing the
leaves on my boxwood to fall off? And this is from Jeff in Germantown. Let me take a
stab at this one. So, I’m looking at the picture and I’m thinking, possibly because of the
stem lesions, this could be boxwood blight. So, what I would like to do is Mr. Jeff, I
hope you’re watching, if you could bring a sample of that boxwood to the office, I will
send it to our lab, the Soil Pest Plant Lab in Nashville, get Dr. Wendell to take a look
at it and let’s see if this is possibly boxwood blight. Because boxwood blight is caused by
a fungus. You have leaf spot, you have stem lesions, you have defoliation, and then you
have death. So, possibly could be boxwood blight. – Treatable? – Is it treatable? How about pulling it out. – I was afraid you were going to say that. – I mean it’s going to be pretty expensive
you know, to treat over and over with a fungicide. So my recommendation would be to pull it out,
because I mean, those leaves of course, are gonna have the fungal spores. So if it’s raining,
you water, Mother Nature, or whatever, it’s going to be splashing around. – [David] Spread? – And it’ll spread. So I would take ’em out. – With the fungi that we have, with bees that’s
what we do, we eradicate. – Take ’em out. – So Mr. Jeff, if you can just bring a sample
of that to the lab, to my office, I’ll make sure it gets to the lab in Nashville. ‘Cause
we wanna check that out.