♪♪♪ Why do my house plants have
brown tips on the leaves? Laurie? It could be a couple
of different reasons. It could be it’s
usuallly a water problem. Either too much or too little. And sometimes it’s low
humidity in the house, too. You know, indoors, we don’t
have as high humidity as we do outdoors in the
summer in Memphis. And it could also be a buildup
of fertilizer in the soil. So, they can get rid of that by
just flushing it really good. I mean, just keep watering
it until water is coming out of the bottom. So, usually, and I’ve gotten
this question a time or two. Booker probably has, as well. You know how you have the pots
and you usually see some crust, you know,
right around the brim? Is that fertilizer? Those are the salts
from the fertilizer. And that’s what you’re trying
to flush out of the soil because it’s in that soil, as well. So, you just
flush it on out? Now let me ask you
this since we’re talking about house plants. What about
fertilizing? I mean, what kind of fertilizer
do you think we should use for house plants? I don’t fertilize
mine at all indoors, when they’re indoors from
basically October through March. I don’t fertilize them
at all except my citrus. My citrus, I do because they’re
starting to put blossoms on. But I wait until I take them
outside because it’s a lot easier and a lot less
messy to fertilize out there. And I use a balanced fertilizer
just because I have so many different varieties of plants. But if you’re a person that’s
real particular about things, you know, use your high nitrogen
for your foliage plants and the higher middle number for
anything that you want to promote blooms on. Anything to
add to that, Booker? No, like she said,
when I water mine, I let them drain
about 20 or 30 minutes. Then I empty that tray
out because I don’t want that standing water. It will also
help some. I let mine
drain for a while. Now do we need to pinch off
those leaves that have that? They’ll look
better if you do. They’ll definitely
look better if you do. Or just take the whole
leaf off if it’s starting to move
up the leaf. It can also be from too
much chlorine in the water. Other places, I don’t think
that’s true here in Memphis. We have such good water that
our water is wonderful and house plants don’t
seem to mind.