potassium iodide nuclear disaster preps How to stay safe from nuclear radiation fallout potassium iodide iOSAT prepping supplies risks nuclear events radiation poisoning who needs how to take why stockpile potassium iodide hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you thought about
your risks to nuclear fallout or nuclear disaster radiation poisoning if you have ever heard at the
Natural Resources Defense Council they have a map on their website that
shows you all the places in the United States that
have nuclear facilities and the possibility of you being a down winder or if something happens there that you
could be exposed to radiation poisoning if you look at Just the year 2011
they had shutdowns in Maryland 2 shutdowns in
Virginia Nebraska and Alabama because of
hurricanes floods and tornados did you know that the Center for Disease
Control recommends that you have potassium iodide in your emergency supplies and the
FDA cleared it for you to have on hand over the counter in 2001 and they’ve been recommending it
also since 2011 did you even know that it
came as a surprise to me and the thing about radiation poisoning
is that the radiation goes into your thyroid and all of your body it damages your thyroid if you take potassium iodide tablet when the risk is there do not take potassium iodide unless you are at immediate risk to nucleaur radiation or fallout this pill has an iodide salt that fills your thyroid so the bad chemicals can’t get into your thryroid you can protect your health
and the younger you are the more you can be harmed by radiation infants
are the most at risk and people over 40 are less at risk if it’s something that if you are
concerned with for your family you need to be sure that you read the dosage and talk to your doctor if
you have infants you’re pregnant or
you’re nursing or a breastfeeding mother so the potassium iodide that we chose for our family
is Iosat it comes in a
fourteen-day packet iostat you never take more than one potassium iodide tablet
every 24 hours only use this if you are in a direct threat of being exposed to or having radiation poisoning in your area we live in the west coast
so when we heard about the Fukishima nuclear disaster we were greatly
concerned with the winds that were blowing towards
us and the radiation that might be coming you could not get potassium iodide for any price
it was completely sold out and it was totally unavailable so I
figure if overnight just like that I might need potassiom iodide I can
get a packet of this online for only seven dollars which they
were not even available before and if you look in there these don’t
even expire until 2017 if you read that current information
about prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs they’re saying the actual expiration
date is far longer who should take potassium iodide do the research for yourself see what you think about if storing Potassium Iodide is a medication that you are
concerned with for your family’s safety and leave a
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