Hello. My name is Linda Simmons. I’m in Grant County South Dakota, and we’re working on a Sars grant for our project to look for dung beetles in our pasture and then have practices that don’t damage the dung beetles and monitor the horn flies that the dung beetles help control and Monitor parasites that the dung beetle self control hopefully at the end. We’ll have happier cattle and We’ll use less pesticide. Oh this year the horn flies are a big problem, and anybody West cattle and South Dakota knows that flies are a big problem every year and Everybody wants as many solutions as they have to the fly problem And we’re hoping that we’ll come up with some nice mechanical control of flies that was tried in Missouri with a special box at the cattle walk through it brushes the flies off and traps them and then there are some fly traps that have been developed and Tested in Canada and Africa and some places the united states, we’re going to try a few of those too And when the cattle toss their heads you know the flies are bad you can count your flies on your cattle and University Extension services have developed some nice techniques for that and these horn flies also bother sheep, so my neighbor with shape is all in and we’re going to work with the sheep also and see what we can do for them and Reduce our pesticide use all without the Sarah grant I would not have been able to put out the money to build the devices and try them because these are not commercially available devices and So we can go buy some plans that University people have developed but the actual building of it costs money for materials and Takes a welder take some expertise and so without the grant that couldn’t even begin and hopefully uh It’ll all work out well, and other people can benefit from it And then they’ll know if it’s worth it for themselves to build some of these mechanical fly control devices you you