Hello I’m Bruce Zimmerman Host of the Open Line Garden Show and Certified Horticulturist for Rittenhouse.ca. Today we are going to take a look at a Sarritor applicator called the Flick Stick. The Flick Stick is made of aluminum and plastic. It has a camlock for a lid. To open a camlock you simply pull up the clips and pull out the cap. Sarritor is put in here. Replace the cap and pushed down each of the clips and you’re done. Now the Sarritor is in the tube and to get it to dispense you simply touch the ground. And what happens is the Sarritor is accurately dispensed from this point right here. So you want to make sure that you’re just right over top of the weed. and just keep going like this. The secret in the tip is keep this area dry. So that Sarritor is dry and it doesn’t clog. To do that always lift this up and keep this part about a couple inches above of the surface of the weed. This will keep it dry because it’s usually been applied in early morning or in moist conditions. And you just go along and simply touch the ground and drop the accurate amount of Sarritor on the weed. If you’d like to see this and other great Sarritor applicators please go to our website www. rittenhouse.ca.