Well, Doyle Manufacturing is a
four-generation family-owned business, one of the world’s largest
manufacturers, and blending, conveying, tending, and spreading products in the
agriculture market. For
all of our marketing and digital needs, we turn to Rokusek,
and we have been for some time now, and that started because they were highly
recommended. We had a recent situation
where our company was asked to present to one of
the largest fertilizer suppliers in the south. I wanted to come into this
presentation like we never have before. It was a huge opportunity for us, but at
the same time it was challenging because of the lack of time to prepare. I went to
Rokusek. What I thought wouldn’t be
possible, they again exceeded my expectations, and put something together
that I would have thought it would take three
months. And in the end it told our story
in a way that blew not only the customer away, but it blew all the employees that
were involved in it, and my grandpa, and my dad, and brother,
and myself. They always execute
and exceed our expectations. ♪ [music] ♪