Hello everyone in this video i will be explaining how to graft rose plant we all love rose plant in different color and shades so we will do the grafting let’s start rose grafting firstly take the fresh healthy new stem selection of branch is very important take a mature green branch this will give 100% result bud grafting is a fast process now peel of the leaves just do same as i do at this point we have to remove the thorn of rose because grafting need a clear space be careful while handling the branch now we have to make a T cut with blade or sharp knife T cut graft is done on rose plant this will be the perfect place watch carefully firstly remove the thorn take the blade and make a T shape cut do same as i do do every step with soft hands now slightly peel of the cut part as the graft will go inside this T shape now we will take the bud of another plants selection of healthy bud is very important just take the sharp blade and take the bud with single cut now we have to make the process fast as bud may dry remember the shape make the space again and insert the bud in branch do same as i do this is very tricky so take your time but do it fast now press the bud slowly in the T cut bud grafting will look like this now cover the bud with grafting tape of normal tape perform all the process fast for better result use tape tightly so that no air of water goes inside don’t cover the bud i think we have learn something new try with the live branch thanks for watching please like the video