We do things differently than our
competitors do them. We’ve done so for a long time. Over 25 years ago I looked
around at the state of the lawn care industry and said, “there has to be a
a better, safer way to do this!” As a homeowner, you should be able to let kids out into your yard to play and know they’re safe. same thing with pets—it’s not too much to ask to be able to have family and
friends over for a cookout and not have to put up with chemical smells. As a
company we should be able to send our technicians safely back to their family
at the end of the day. Safety legislation for pesticides is finally starting to catch, on but a lot of our competitors are fighting it. We embrace it! We’ve really been setting the bar for safety standards since 1987. We’re constantly
looking for better ways to make lawn greener, with fewer weeds, in a safer manner, as we possibly can. We’ve developed our own exclusive line of natural organic-based products so we know we’re using the safest approach we can for our
customers, employees, and the environment. Lots of companies can give you green
grass, at least for a little while. Of course, at NaturaLawn we do that too, but we go further—and for a comparable price. We take the approach of strengthening your lawn’s root system by drilling up a healthy soil. We start every new service
with a soil test because the soil is literally the foundation to lawn is
built on, and since every lawn is unique we tailor the products we use to address
what’s lacking in your soil to give you a healthier, cleaner lawn. The NaturaLawn approach targets pests like fleas, ticks, but it leaves beneficial insects
alone. After all, your yard is an ecosystem and it needs more than just
grass seed to keep a lasting, healthy soil. Our customers can relax knowing that our methods are effective and thorough and our use of natural and organic-based products means the lawn is safer for family and pets, as is respectful of the environment. And our technicians go through special training programs so they can both answer your questions,
and service your lawn. We try to approach lawn care solutions the right way—we think it shows! In fact, we know it shows. Just ask any one of our over 50,000
customers nationwide. At NaturaLawn of America, we’re continuing to be the pioneers and to set the standard for safer, healthier affordable lawn care, one lawn
at a time.