News presenter: now let’s talk a little
more about our main story here tonight, the government’s decision to give the go-ahead to
Britain’s first new nuclear power plant for 20 years. The £18bn project
at Hinkley Point in Somerset will be mainly financed by the French
energy firm EDF, which is largely state owned. With China putting in six … You’re all generally looking forward to
leaving school, is that right? Yeah. Yeah? What do you want to do
when you’re older? Be a short-distance runner. Be a kickboxer. Be a cop. Be a cop? Yeah. So, if you had a job at Hinkley,
what would it be? Security. Probably security. Sam? Be a marine biologist. The builder. A builder? Building part of the new Hinkley C? Security. Security. OK. Where do you think you will be
in 30 years’ time? James. I think people have an image
of a fish … … five-second memory. But there’s a lot more to fish than that. Some fish are very clever and I don’t think people quite recognise that. I can kind of relate to fish in that way. I definitely want to work at Hinkley Point,
maybe like a safety monitor. It’s quite a glamorous job
but it’s just not for me. I would probably be involved in Hinkley Point
in quite the opposite way because I want to be a marine biologist. Subdiving … subdiving. No … That’s what he said it is. I go scuba diving! That’s the word! And basically, you get to go
and find new fish and things. I would probably be involved in like,
how Hinkley C is affecting the environment and the negative impact
it’s going to be having on the fish in the sea. I went to the open day in Queen’s College. It was a really good school
and I was like, right, if I get the chance, I’d love to go here because it would really help me
in becoming a marine biologist. Then of course, it’s a private school
so it costs a lot of money to go there. I think it’s like £5,000 a term or something. A term? A term. It’s really expensive. I saw something on the telly,
I think it was like an advert, and it said if you die rich,
you haven’t lived. Wow. I wouldn’t want to be rich. No … being rich I don’t think it would be … I don’t think I would be happy. No. Just having everything … There’s just one thing that really bugs me
all the time, it’s like, corporations are doing
loads of really bad things to the environment and stuff, like palm oil … Yeah. They don’t care about anything else
but the money. And you’re like, right I’m not going
to eat chocolate and then you just look at it and you’re just like … I need to eat that. Which is why vegan is … so good but really hard. I mean, I am vegetarian and I don’t like to know
that animals are getting killed for humans to eat. You were brought up thinking like
that, so you haven’t really experienced … I mean, I’m not really, like, a strict …
I eat gelatine. Things like marshmallows … Yeah. It’s a big dilemma. That’s pretty nice. Although, it annoys me that
they are not symmetrical. Yeah, I get annoyed. I like things to be symmetrical. Like, what would really please me is
if that candle was in that one, because those two match so
you should have matching candles. Which one, sorry? If that candle was in that holder … Oh, I see what you mean. Because if you look,
they are the same kind of candle holder. Is that what you’re thinking
subconsciously? ‘I really like this,
but it would be even better if …’ It would be even better if that was in that. Can I take them out? You can take that one out. Hang on. Put it in and hold it there
and it should stick. All in the interest of symmetry. If that power station that
they built starts to leak a bit, all that radioactivity will just
do this, down the country and it’s very poisonous and you can die from it. People of the future might not know
that we had a radioactive bit buried quite deep, they might dig there,
uncover that radioactivity and then 100,000 years later,
they can actually go there again. That’s why everyone’s really
worried about the Hinkley Point. So basically, I’m a marine scientist/fishery scientist, I am working for EDF,
which stands for Électricité de France. I’m working at Hinkley Point C,
which is Europe’s largest construction site. I think it’s going to be quite a big power station and it’s going to supply lots of homes
within the UK, electricity for a long time. Off Hinkley Point C, it’s quite a
diverse place for marine life, whoever wants to be a marine biologist
or get into science or engineering, I know our company,
we do lots of work experience. So yeah, you can ask me anything you like
other than … … yeah, whatever you like. How much did it cost so far? I think maybe 13, 15bn …
it’s quite a lot but it’s going to all be worthwhile because it sort of will be a constant
supply of energy and electricity to the UK. What about the vibrations
for all the poles and things? Also, lots of noise through the water if you’re a whale, because it can disrupt the sonar in your hearing. Yeah, yeah that’s something we
have to take into consideration, it was a bit of a balance trying to sort of help
the construction side go ahead but also have a balance between the marine life. You said about, you knew that
it was going to make holes in the ground. Did you know that there were going to be massive splits through all the other bits of rock in between those holes? We did realise that there was going be
some type of impact, That’s it about environment, it’s a balance
between the environment and what people need. So it’s always a fine line. Hinkley Point just think that kids
are just children. You tell them what to believe
and they will believe it. That annoys me a bit. We had an email the other day saying,
you have been given the scholarship, we just have to see if they’ll give us the bursary
which is something that gives us even more support. So they pay for even more of the school fees
because it’s really expensive. A lot of people say to me though,
why are you going to Queen’s? You could go to Haygrove
with all your friends. But I value a better education … By the time we get older,
you’ll probably have a phone or something, we’ll probably be texting each other,
so we’ll still be staying in contact. Yeah. Very hot. Hot. They’ve offered us some money
towards the cost of your school fees. Yeah. But it’s not enough,
it’s only half of it, we can’t afford the rest of it,
that’s the problem. We don’t mind paying some of it
but we just can’t afford to pay, you know, what’s left at the moment. We are hoping that EDF will fund you. What we could say to EDF is that, you know,
we’ve got an opportunity here really, for our son to go to a
really good school but would you consider maybe making a contribution but
the question is would you, knowing how you feel about … you’ve got mixed feelings about,
you know, a nuclear power station, and what’s going on. You know? Because tomorrow
it’s school council meeting. Do you think the adults listen to us? No. A little bit. A little bit. They don’t tell lies,
they twist the truth. To be a marine biologist,
one thing that would make it a lot easier is if I go to Queen’s College,
but I can’t afford to go there yet, so we are asking EDF to get funding. Can I have some money
so I can shut you down? We don’t have so many cuddles
like we used to, I don’t fancy. I tell you what, Sam, your dad spends more time with you
than I ever spent with my John. Yeah. Yeah? Talking to you and taking an interest in what you do. John never had that with me. You were always working. You were working a lot of the time,
though, I remember. Yeah, I was working. Well, they’re still dismantling the
first power station which I was on, helping to build. Did you? Really? Did you? I didn’t know that. I worked on that one, yeah. Yeah. Did you work for one of the big
companies? No, it was Taylor Woodrow. Taylor Woodrow? Yeah. If you had your time again
would you do it differently? I think I would, John, yes. Really? I think I would, you know. You’ve seen how like the military
helicopters have been flying around a lot, and it just worries me if like
another country, like Russia say, disguise one of their helicopter to look
like one of our helicopters … Yeah. … and dropped a bomb on the plant
when it was operational. Boom, boom. Yeah. Somerset (explosion sound) Yeah. Probably even more than Somerset. I mean Somerset, like gone. Yeah. Like Devon and stuff. Look, you can see that plane’s just flying
over without a care in the world? Queen’s College originally arranged
to contact EDF, they would help with funding, and they said that they didn’t
have a part of funding allocated to that purpose. No one can just give you a parcel and in here is all
the knowledge you’ll ever need. You get given very small envelopes, you have to keep opening them
and trying to find out everything. One bit at a time. Dammit! You’re really bad! I know! I was really good at throwing
them along the sand. Isn’t there some on the mud over here? We can have a look. Did you hear about the mud that are going
to be moving from around here up to Cardiff? No. They are excavating a lot of the mud to … What? The mud from here? The mud from just out there so the ships can get in. There’s a chance that it
might be radioactive mud because of the A and B stations. But how do people know it’s radioactive? They don’t know how radioactive it is,
because yeah, they’ve tested it but they’ve only
tested the top layer. Is this like, wet sticky mud? I don’t know what type of mud,
I think it’s just sea mud. And there’s a big protest about it in
front of one of Cardiff’s schools. Is that what marine biologists do?
They focus on that kind of thing? They kind of focus on like, the marine life,
so it’s not just around here, I might be stationed around here
but I could be stationed over in the Philippines and studying sea turtles or something. Say about 15 years, I hope to become a marine biologist. Which is quite a while and it probably
will all be sorted by then … but I’m sure there will be new cases. There will be new cases about it. Good luck at Haygrove,
you going to Haygrove? Yeah. I’m going to Brymore. Brymore, good. Good luck! I want to still be at that age where I can actually physically run through this place, climb up all the trees … I don’t want to be at that age
where you can’t do it. Yeah. It’s hard to do it. Growing up … I am excited but nervous
at the same time. That is like a natural feeling. Yeah. I’m nervous if I ever have kids,
I’m nervous on how they will treat me. I want them to treat me like … You’ll find out if you do have kids. I want them to treat me like I treat
my dad at the moment. With respect but with a bit of cheekiness. I am also nervous about, you know … … everything else. Yeah.