Sayginlar Agriculture Machinery that
started manufacturing trailers in the small workshop where it was founded, now
has been producing about twenty different machines in its new and modern
factory using modern techniques for the farmers, the Masters of the soil since
1984 ,which is the year of foundation Today, Sayginlar agricultural Machinery is
proud to be one of the leading agricultural machinery producers of
Turkey thanks to its principle which is QUALITY IN PRODUCTION AND TRUST IN SALES. Sayginlar has been producing from trailers,
feed mixers,water and oil tankers, road sweepers, morgue trailers, slurry tankers,
manure spreaders, forklift trailers and other agriculture machines which are
used in livestock and farming Sayginlar has conducted to TARGET
project with THE Works of R&D department and the incentives of Zafer Development
Agency. With the project Sayginlar has updated its machine park with the new CNC
based machines and now we are producing using more modern techniques. Sayginlar has also made efforts for export
in the scope of the target project and now it has been exporting to Kuwait, Iran
and Azerbaijan unlike the know many spreaders, TARGET
uses a ram to push manure to its back beaters and thanks to the detachable
beaters TARGET can also be used for carrying other materials, which makes it
and multifunctional trailer. these features make TARGET a unique manure spreader and it is only one of the unique machines we have already done. as the
name TARGET suggests SAYGINLAR has been aiming to expand with new targets. Target
is innovation… Targeted exportation… Target is being unique