One minute. I am almost done. Is urine
good for aquaponics? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] Okay.
I regularly receive the question can I pee in my aquaponics system? So that’s a
serious question actually because pee is actually a source of ammonia and such is
the fish food that we give to our fish. You know, the fish when they release their
waste into the water that’s also a source of ammonia, and the whole
principle of aquaponics is to transform this ammonia into nitrites
and then nitrate which is a fertilizer for the plant. So some people think they
can pee in the system and therefore, the bacteria are going to transform this pee
into fertilizer for the plant. When I say fertilizer, I’m talking about
nutrients. I’m talking about nitrate. So that’s true. If you pee in your
system, you’re going to add some ammonia in the system and
therefore you’re going to add some nitrogen which is a
source of nutrient for the plants and the plants are going to grow. But when
you have an aquaponics system that is established, very often you are limited
in the quantity of fish we can put in the system
because if you have too many fish and you don’t have enough bacteria, they
are not going to be able to transform all this ammonia into nitrate. So very
often, nitrates is not deficient in aquaponics and sometimes you got too
many nitrates. You need to use a bit of this water to water your classic garden
to decrease the quantity of nitrates. So peeing in the system is not necessary in aquaponics and also you know from a hygiene point of view, it doesn’t look really good when you think about it. Seeing a
human peeing in your system it’s not really great. There is one thing that
also you need to take into consideration and what are you eating? If you consume
organic plants, if you consume what you are growing, then the pee should be
fine. It’s always sterilized, which means there are no bacteria inside the
pee of a human when you are in good health. But if you are consuming pills, if you
are consuming medicines, all those molecules are going to finish in you
pee and they’re going to finish in the aquaponics system, So I don’t recommend using the pee in the aquaponics system. There is one step where people sometimes use pee or urine in aquaponics is when they launch their system, when they cycle
the system. What I recommend doing is to use some fish food basically, some fish food.
You put some fish food into the pond, into the fish pond, the fish tank and
it’s without the fish at the beginning. It’s going to basically break down. It’s
going to release some ammonia in the system
and it’s going to allow the bacteria to grow. So that’s what I recommend doing. I made a whole video about this, if you look at how to start or how to cycle an
aquaponics system. You’re going to find my video on this specific topic. It’s a
whole process to cycle an aquaponics system. Yes, it’s possible to do it with
urine or to do it with pee, but that’s not what I recommend really. Pee is high in ammonia and you can use it in your compost. You can use it for a lot of
things. In aquaponics, it can be used but it’s not for me the best. The
best is to stay with fish food, with things that you’re going to put in the long-term in the aquaponics system. So in the introduction of this video, I was
simulating peeing in the system, but no, I was not peeing. It’s not something that
I do. I think I try to keep everything without
adding any human substance inside. So the only fertilizer that I have or nutrients
that I have are the fish food and some minerals that I sometimes add to avoid
the leaves to turn yellow. But anyway, I made some videos on this as well. So if
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