Hello everybody. This is the beginning of the series. I like to start with…. Everybody has a dream, different dream. Me too. I am proud to be here. My school teacher told me that I had a solid standpoint of my life. In my entrance examination to the university, I chose to study at the Faculty of Agriculture as my first choice. I always dream to be a farmer. Life went on. Keeping my small dream to be a farmer. To grow my own food. I graduated in 1982. Start working here as an instructor of Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen campus, in 1989. But I did not have an opportunity to grow rice. Everybody has different dream. But there is distraction from time to time. I started to grow vegetables for the first time in my life in this piece of land, a Thai Vegetable Square in 1991. From a small garden, it was expanded to a larger garden to host many visitors. Administers of the country also paid a visit. Finally, we stopped the activity as our goal was to grow vegetables for our own consumption, not to grow for show. Everything was growing. The Department was growing. … as well as my body weight, it was increased. In 1989, my weight was 59 kg. My weight now (weighed this morning) is 80 kg. Very high growth rate. My health is getting worse. I ate food that produced by other people. My dream of growing my own food has never been achieved. Today, there is a good opportunity, once in my life, to grown my own rice. But my style may be different. I will use high technology to grow rice, getting exercise and losing my weight at the same time. My goal is that… when I harvest this rice crop, my body weight will be down to 70 kg! This is my goal. I spent lots of money at fitness gyms in Bangkok. Many gyms. Some are already out of business. One day, I realized that I have already had my own fitness and exercise machine to burn out calories. Therefore, today’s theme is ” Rice Farming is happy, fun and rich”. Eat what you grow and grow what you eat. This is the beginning.