hey guys this channel has already
reached 10,000 subscribers and something tells me that this year we’ll see really
cool chemical reactions and today I will show you the reaction of a
sodium-potassium alloy with bromine or maybe with something else So, let’s prepare sodium-potassium alloy by fusing potassium and sodium in hot vasilin oil on a approximately three to one mass ratio. This large drop of the formed alloy can be divided like mercury into many small drops that will then merge to form a large drop look at this squeaky clean, non-oxidized alloy surface So, it’s time to start our experiment! Let’s draw up some liquid metal into a syringe Yes, it really is a liquid that freely passes through the syringe needle Sodium-potassium alloy is much more active than potassium, and therefore, literally a few minutes later, the oxidation products of the alloy harden inside the needle so nothing can pass through it anymore. So let’s perform our experiment real quick Before our main reaction with bromine, let’s warm up and drop this alloy into a solution of perchloric acid Yeaaah, I expected a much more active reaction … Well at least it would be awesome with bromine, for sure! So guys, we have bromine vapor in a glass box and this is a great opportunity to show you how much heavier sulfur hexafluoride gas will push these vapors out of it Thanks for watching guys, like the video, comment and subscribe, and I’m leaving to shoot a new video, because there are already ten thousand of you, so I need to post new videos more often! Seeya next video!