Good day ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another vlog This time we do have another repair video. i don’t like it at all, and I don’t feel for it, but it has to be done This is my silage cutter and one cable is broken. I’ve already picked up a new one, there it is I still have to pull it apart and I’m investigating how exactly, because I really have no idea I just going to try something out and then we see where it takes us Okay, I lifted it up with the loader and I think, I’m not sure… Because I know the mechanics from Timmerman are watching this… ….so I probably get it wrong I think that this bolts have come out and then this part can slide out. I put a strap around it to keep the knive at hight and I stuck this block of wood in between to keep knive from cutting the strap And I hope this isn’t an oil leak…. oh well, first the cable The bottom is out, and I just did that with my gas burner. I don’t have a torch, otherwise I’d use that But it did work, so I’ll try the top one too I was afraid of that! So… we’re an hour and half later, in the meanwhile it raines, wich I’m very happy about, because of the fertilizer But it’s all about this part. This runs through this slide, you saw that These two clamps have to come undone But! In every corner is a roll, like this one. Here’s one and here and two at the top And this big one belongs on the cylinder And they all have to become undone, because the cable ends don’t fit through And all and all it’s a lot of work I’m now going to try to putt it all back together again, but it isn’t a nice job Okay! Done! I’ve only lost a nut, so I put regular one on. It must be around here someplace, it can’t be far It’s all back together. It was a lot more work then I thought…. I probably did something wrong…I don’t know Did you guys like it, because I surely didn’t! If you liked it, then please, like, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching