In agriculture, we have several different
kinds of applicator tips for spray nozzles, and they all have different specific purposes,
but for homeowners, what we’re gonna come into contact most often are these adjustable
nozzles that are on one gallon pump up sprayers and pump up backpack sprayers. They have basically
two different ways that you can spray them. You’ve got a steady stream if you open up
your sprayer nozzle all the way and this is what that would look like. That type of application
is gonna be useful when you’re trying to do perimeter applications or if you’re trying
to reach high up into canopies of trees. It’s important for homeowners to know that a finer
spray has finer droplets, and that actually provides better coverage, so if you’re trying
to get inside shrubbery and dense, herbaceous plants, that’s he kind of spray you’re gonna
wanna use. And you can see how it covers a larger area and it’s a finer mist and a finer
droplet, and that’s what you wanna use for adequate coverage.