Now we’re just going to demonstrate the difference in the single axle and the quad axle dumptruck. You see that he’s lifted the tailgate up via the air. The same way he’s going to back in to the box The only difference with this box is it’s got three sets of legs instead of two Just…Just wanted to point out a difference here with this one becuase of the nature of the tailgate The rubber things aren’t a whole lot of use for us other than kind of a guide But as we showed you before on the single axle they actually ride over the bed because of that tailgate they can’t. But the same way he’s going to back under the legs They’re going to unpin the second set of legs and he’s going to back right on up. And he’s going to back up, catch the bar with his tailgate pin and pop it in. Now he can let his, he can let his truck bed down now and it’ll raise the rear legs up He can now clamp his tailgate lock. Had a little trouble lining it up but they got it. Now he can latch his tailgate pin in finish lowering his bed. They can raise his legs up, hook the cables up and in about 5 or 10 minutes they’re ready to spread salt.