It looks like a good day to spread some
lime. I’m gonna take the forks off the tractor, put the bucket on, hook the
spreader up, and get these two piles of lime spread. I think I better put some
fuel in here before I do too much more. Okay now I think we’re ready to roll! I’ve got some awesome friends. One of them gave me a trump
bobblehead! Oh yeah – Keep America GREAT – Trump 2020! Yeah When loading this lime I try to be
careful and not letting it all fall into the spreader at
one time out of the bucket because you don’t want it to pack in here because
the problem you have is it if it gets in here and packed too tight it bridges up.
This isn’t doing it too bad but you can see kind of that hole over there – it’ll
take the initial lime and kind of tunnel it all the way back and the rest of this
won’t fall down, especially if this lime is really wet, but this line isn’t too
bad so I’m still trying not to drop it all in at one time to pack it in so it
will bridge up. But yeah sometimes it will bridge up then you’ve got to get in
here with a shovel or stick and start just poking it down so it’ll start
falling falling down. Now this is probably bridged up a little
bit because it’s not falling in the back there yet but you can tell as you’re
spreading the amount of dust that comes out of the back whether it has bridged
up and tunneled and not spreading anything. But at the moment as you can see we’ve
got a good full spread here so this is doing good. I am finished spreading at the home farm so now I’m headed to the farm across the road hauling it – it’s not a half a mile. But again the thing you’ve got to be
careful of when hauling this is it settling. If you’re hauling it too
far it’ll settle and you’ll have a problem with it bridging up. So I’m just going to take my time
going over to this other farm so it doesn’t settle too much
because I forgot to grab a shovel to bring with me. Well that pin did not last long. It looks
like it has sheared so I guess it is back to the shop to pull it apart and
put another one in it. I think I know what the issue is – the gear and the shaft
have got some wear in them and so it allows play in this spinner. This one is
not as bad. Well it’s got some play in it.
This one had a whole lot more play in it. I had put a different shear bolt in it
thinking that would help but I guess it didn’t. But I do have the parts on order.
I have got the shaft and the gear on order to do this right but I am gonna go
put another shear bolt in here. I’ve only got maybe six to eight more tons left to
spread and I want to get that done today before it rains. So let me get this over
there and get it done. Okay I’ve got the old shear pin out. It’s
in three pieces so I guess I will put another one in there. There’s
a hole similar to this one up on the top that the pin goes through. That hole has
worn and so it is allowing this spinner to have a little bit of slop in it. All
right so that pin is in there but you can kind of see how much slop you have
in here. It’s a quarter inch or more so by having that play in there it is
allowing it to shear that pin. So this grade eight pin is not what is supposed
to be in there. It’s more of like a roll pin. I thought a grade 8 pin would
hold it more than that roll pin but I guess that is not the case so I have got
this shaft ordered I have got this gear as well on order in case that hole is
worn somewhat in that gear. But in order to finish spreading this lime, I’m gonna
go ahead and put this other shear bolt in here and see if I can finish doing it.
I hate it when the card fills up on the camera in the middle of doing something. Okay I’ve got it back together but I see
a drip right there so let me tighten that one up a little bit more and then
we are good to go. So hopefully I can get this lime spread before this rain comes
in. okay
it’s all cleaned up. Got four more acres to spread and I’ll
be done. So SEE YA!