well let’s hope it at least runs out hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to
how farms work today we are going to head out to the outer barnyard and we
are going to start hauling out some manure earlier this week Travis and I
set up the 7600 and the spreader and we got that up and running we know that
they’re functional we know that the ground is somewhat dry
we took and unloaded what was in the spreader out in the field and it was it
was semi muddy but it wasn’t really muddy enough to keep us out of the field
today given that two days have passed now so it should be fairly dry we just
got the filters changed in the bobcat all the fuel oil and hydraulic filters
so that is ready to go dad’s here dad is in the Bobcat and he
is headed out to the outer barnyard now with the Bobcat we’re gonna start
hauling a pile of manure that is out there earlier about a week ago now
Travis had pulled all the manure out of the shed out there because the maneuver
was getting so Brown dedup on the inside of the shed that the cows if they really
wanted to could just jump right over the gates and get out so he went in there
with Bobcat pulled everything out dumped it into a pile since it was too wet and
now that things are starting to dry up we’re gonna head out there and start
hauling some manure this is the officially some of the first signs of
spring or when we can actually get out in the field so this is like the first
day of 2019 that we’re actually out in the field they’re calling for more rain
here this week I guess it’s gonna rain for like three days or so so this is
kind of our opportunity to get out there and get some manure hauled this year
we’re gonna see a lot of manure being hauled because it’s been just kind of
piling up over time especially out of my place I didn’t get all of it hauled out
last year and out of Travis’s place as well so with that what do you say we
head out there and start hauling some manure that’s a lot of fertilizer dad’s headed down to the bottom Travis
to set down there – Travis just called me and said that the beater is gummed up
and it’s slipping the slipper clutch so that’s gonna take the Bobcat down there
and try to take it out dad came back in Travis is headed back
in now I guess that the spreader was just
gummed up from the manure now the spreader actually has three
settings on it it has slow fast and then cleaned and these are all for the web
how fast the web runs and when you set it to clean the beater does not run so
if you’re trying to get out some last the itty-bitty manure if you’re done for
the day you can set it to clean and just let it run out and just the rebel run it
won’t kick anything back in yeah that’s silo on the left over there
without the roof I hope worked out my hand you Boyd case up there Wolf’s on it
now but people like that silo full of salads one time he saw up there every
Saturday it’s not having never did you up there on Saturday and work off all
the stuff that was bad down the chute in the manure spreader and then we got down
to good stuff weed he’s flat flipped on flatbeds yeah took out there to his beef
cows did he do that all week and he’d feel the bad stuff back then on Saturday
I go up and get helping me throw all the bad stuff out all out one spreader we
emptied that holes all that way well let’s hope it at least runs out so we took the spread of the machine
shed and we cut out the liner that was doubling back in on itself we think that
was a majority of the problem but a big problem was also the slip clutch it was
a little bit too loose so we tighten that down and we brought it back out
fill the load up and Travis just took it out and ran it without issue so we think
we resolved the problem we knew that we weren’t going to be able to get done
with this today mostly because just because there’s so much manure so Travis
and I are probably to come back tomorrow and try to do some more working on the
spreader isn’t a whole lot of fun like if say the web breaks which we have had
happen previously and you have to clean it out by hand that’s not a whole lot of
fun luckily something like this it really wasn’t that big of an issue
anyway with that that should be about it for this video we’re just gonna have to
come back to this when we get the chance if it starts raining I’m not totally
sure if we’ll be able to do it tomorrow so anyway thanks for watching this video
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