Hi this is Stewart and it’s spring 2015 and we had the lightest winter, the warmest winter, I can remember ever. The weather’s changed. Last fall was very hot and when it rained here it was more like a torrential downpour
and we had a very very warm winter and this spring came very
early A lot of times I don’t even start
thatching maybe until March 15th – March 20th. I’m doing a few
test yards to see how they go… I start thatching in February so the
weather’s definitely changed here. I’m recommending to a lot of my
clients now to be using organic fertilizers at least
twice a year on their lawns. The lawns that I’ve been taking care
that I used organics on got through this winter really well without
disease and snow molds and slime disease and
things like that going on. A lot of the lawns that just use standard
fertilizers, the native bentgrass just died and a
lot of state lawns just had whole sections of their lawn that were just dead. I went and removed a
lot of that in February because they had nothing to
lose and prep the soil for over seeding. On a yard like this I would also like
to say we got some big old evergreen trees here dropping needles. When your mowing around a yard like
this you wanna be picking up those needles and carrying them away. If you’re mulching
you’re just chopping up those needles and shooting acidity
straight back into the soil. That makes it very difficult to keep
grass in a condition like this and that’s how that is… Once again, like I was saying, I
really recommend, for the average homeowner now, to be
using organic fertilizer twice a year whether or not you
experience the problems around here. This is the Mill Creek area. I saw a lot of that damage also in Brier
and in Bothell. Not very much in Seattle but I’m
assuming that’s going to happen to Seattle here soon. I just believe if you take
care of the soil it’ll take care the plant and my belief
is when those yards that were using
standard fertilizers, and the fertilizer was not available to
the grass plant, and the grass that was able to take
nutrients, but what it required to survive through this
winter was able to get it through the soil from my organic lawns. Once again this
is Stewart hope you enjoyed this video and I shooting this on the fly, of
course. Thank you bye