hi guys Joe here from lawn solutions
Australia welcome to our spring lawn renovation series episode 4 in this
video we’re looking at feeding and top dressing your lawn if you haven’t
already check out the first three episodes of our spring lawn renovation
where we looked at tackling weeds thatch and compaction we recently cored this
particular lawn so it’s a perfect time to give the grass a feed and a top
dress to improve the soil profile drainage and rectify any uneven levels
your lawn is reacting to the warmer soil temperatures and has increased in growth
so feeding it a mix of nutrients that will help it along is ideal this time of
year first up spread your fertilizer we recommend a good quality slow release
granular fertilizer like this one here always be sure to spread it evenly and
follow all label instructions make sure you only top dress during the growing
season so the lawn has plenty of time to recover mid to late spring in most areas
is ideal for your topdressing material the sandier the better, pit sand or a very
sandy loam will be fine just make sure whatever material you use is washed or
very well screened to avoid having too many unwanted objects like small rocks
and sticks. an easy way to get a good even spread of soil to start with is to
put little piles of your sand or topsoil evenly spread throughout the lawn you
can then use a rake or soil leveler to get a nice even amount and level across
the entire area be sure to not completely smother your
grass there should be at least a small amount of leaf visible this is crucial
as you still need sunlight to be able to reach your grass after you have spread
your soil you need to water it in thoroughly this will ensure both the
fertilizer and soil are washed deep into the profile ensuring the fertilizer
doesn’t burn the leaf and the soil doesn’t smother your grass during the
days after top dressing it’s important to irrigate regularly to continue to
wash the sand in and so your lawn doesn’t completely dry out this increase
in moisture will also help your lawn to recover this concludes our spring lawn
renovation series so get out there and get stuck in if you have any more
questions or need some more lawn care advice keep an eye out our next video by
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website where there’s plenty of information on lawn care and also our
turf varieties thanks for tuning in to lawn solutions Australia we hope to
catch you next time