Okay, those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram saw that I had a problem with the sprinkler That was because this was broken. And this a new one which is broken too And that’s probably because this isn’t very good either The cap is missing and there should be some rubber parts in here which work as a shockabsorber So cap went missing, the rubber went flying therefore the shockabsorber doesn’t do it’s job anymore I’ve ordered a new one which I’ll unbox live. You guys like, I really don’t know why.. If you were wondering if I ever went to the States, yes I have Okay, this the new one. There’s even a scale to set the stroke of the clapper What you’re doing? (Nothing!) Nothing? ( I’m going to repair the sprinkler) You? Or should I? Got it! Okay, I’ll show you, this is the new one, this is the old And when you dont bring a hammer, you have to use a drawbarpin. I’ve tried with the ratchet, but that wasn’t a good idea But the old one was in pretty tight. It was a pain. Right Yorrick? ( Yep) It should work again…. Well it’s fixed…… That is not all that exciting. For this time, like! Comment and subscribe! (Like? What is like?) That’s when you think it’s fun! Okay? (Okay!! Like!!) like, exactly!!