So we’re just going to do a little recap on our Top Plant Performers of 2014 Which again, most of them are directed for
full sun other than the Gartenmeister Fuchsia. We’re just
going to name these off really quickly. We’ve got Hypearls Series of Hypericum. The Flutterby Flow Buddleia series. Trailing Verbena, comes in many shapes. We
usually have about 30 varieties available. The Bidens. Scaevola, comes in shades of blue mainly but there’s
a nice, strong white variety. Again, the Nemesia, dark blue variety. The Lobularias, which we made the cut every year. Agastache, with
the bees you recall. The Annual Coreopsis, mildew resistant.
Very good varieties. Gomphrena, extremely drought tolerant. The late-blooming, frost tolerant Osteospermum, excellent
choice with that. Moving to the back here, the Rudbeckias which now we’re
teaching people just to treat as an annual. It’s worth their value. Longest lasting flowers
I know out of many plants out there. Great choice. Full sun again. The Calliope Geraniums, the
interspecific type, cross between upright and trailing. Great choice for
hanging baskets or beds. Nice upright.
Salvia for cutting is more durable. And the Angelonia, moving upright variety. We talked about the trailing one last year,
in last year’s video. And to my left, Lantana. We made the cut every
year. Again, we thought of throwing in a nice light shade. Great for
dry dry heat as well. And then the baskets, we got our jumbo mixed on either side here. The 16″ fiber
pot can be taken out using planters or as huge, long hanging basket. Great buy. The sun tolerant Begonia. The Victoria
Falls here but can go in the shade as well.
Excellent mildew resistance. For weddings, the ‘White Cascade’ Ivy Geranium. Our standard,
high-volume 12″ mixed. Going up in
numbers every year. Look at that. It’s phenomenal. Mid-september and it looks perfect. And some new varieties, our great
standbys in the sense of the Trailing Petunia family, this field is taking off as well. We were doing detailed trials on them so
most of the varieties we’re carrying very well in our climate. And not to forget, the only shade plant we really talked
about other than the Begonia I guess is the Gartenmiester Fuchsia. An excellent centrepiece for shade planters. So by doing all these extensive trials
in our off season, we hope to sort of made the decision a little
bit easier for you. So you’ll have more success in your gardening. And that’s why we do
these top performers every year. So come visit us at The Greenery. We’re
open March to end of June every year. My name is Kirsten
Segler. Happy gardening!