Gus Spence Stockerau station 1,200
hectares sheep and beef place. The main thing about homer as a development job we
came from about 90% blackberry it was all out of pine trees and we had to put
a heap of fertilizer on the place first very first thing we put in was a Archway
group 80 ton fert bin hindsight which probably should put a hundred ton bin in
but works very well for us no issues with it we store fertilers for 2-3 weeks with no issues. yeah we’ve got the strips facing
straight northerly yeah we’re the bin is a very high wind zone and
we’ve never had any issues with the roof it’s held together very well
that’s three years ago now it was built from yeah it’s still like the day I went
in but we usually get urea in and put it in the bin and store it and wait
for a bit of wet weather to come before we put it on just to maximize
that and it’s great sort of makes things a little flexible for the pilots in for
us and utilize all the fert 100% you