I’m Bill Kreuser. I am the turf grass extension specialist for the state of Nebraska and I’m an assistant professor the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I got into the turf industry when I was 15 and I put a putting green in my parent’s backyard, mainly because my uncle told me that I couldn’t do and I figured I could do it. A cool thing about what we do in our research is understanding science can be outside the traditional lab and the traditional concepts of physics and chemistry and can be applied to things like horticulture and agronomy and in my case, turf grass science. So we’ve started to use drones to help us be a little bit more precise in how we do our turf grass management. By using a drone, they can get that higher up level perspective of things and try to reevaluate their management and figure out how to become a little bit better in how they’re managing their turf grass. If I had to summarize our research, we’re really just trying to find ways and practices to manage turf grass in a very sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion and try to reduce excessive amounts of anything. It’s still maintaining great conditions but do it at a very small environmental impact. Advice I have for students now, is to just constantly be curious and ask questions and then try to find answers. Science is looking at the world, appreciating the world and trying to understand why things happen and just to be curious in whatever you do and that’s going to make you be a successful scientist.