[ MUSIC ] Are you grossing your customers out with that
strong odor? [ SNIFFS ] [ EXHALES ] No, not body odor. We’re talking about the smell found in common
jobsite applications like pesticides. You might be able to handle this scent. I mean, we’ve all smelled worse, right? [ CATCHES BOOT ] [ SNIFFS ] [ THROWS BOOT ] But that doesn’t mean you have to subject
your customers to it. LESCO Aroma is a liquid that can be added
to your treatments for a fresh citrus scent instead of one that peels paint and curls wallpaper. And what’s better for noses, is better for
business. Would you go to work without wearing deodorant? Of course not. So the next time you deal with a stinky application,
don’t forget to make it smell nice with LESCO Aroma. [ MUSIC ]