[ MUSIC ] Are you one of those guys who doesn’t bother
to read instructions? Now be honest…that’s what I thought. When it comes to spreading, a shoot first,
ask questions later approach could be costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. How’s that? Well, putting down too much seed or fertilizer
is not only bad for your bottom line, but it can also be bad for plants and the environment. And, if you’re not applying enough, you’re
going to get what every landscape pro dreads: a call back. Instead, take a few extra minutes and find the calibration setting on the bag. If the bag doesn’t list your model of spreader, you’ll need to grab a conversion chart. Use the setting recommendation on the bag, and cross-reference it over to your spreader. Then calibrate accordingly. It’s that easy. Moral of the story: instructions might make decent coasters, but they make for much better business. [ MUSIC ]