Hi, I�m Lynn Hitt, President of ePestSolutions. This morning I�d like to present to you
a product from Syngenta Chemical whose one of the leaders in the pest control industry,
bringing new technology. Tandem is a product that combines two of the
most successful and widely used insecticides on the market�lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam. Both are propriety to Syngenta giving you
a one-two punch second to none in the business. It�s got over 90 insects on the label that
it controls very effectively. It can be used inside and outside in the rate
of 1.1 ounces per gallon of water. It�s very effective just giving you a one-two
punch second to none two of the best insectides that we�ve had in the pest control market
all in one product. For these and other tips, call us at 888-523-7378
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