So I am Tanya Kitto. I am a member of a farming family in the Midwest
of Western Australia. I worked in a farm machinery dealership when
I met Robert and got married and I moved out here and have been here ever since. Robert and I are very passionate about value adding
one of the grains that we grow called lupins. Lupins have traditionally been a stock feed
and with Robert feeding them to sheep and seeing how much they benefit from the lupins
– they’re much stronger healthier animals, he decided let’s research and see where we
can take lupins, let’s see if we can get them into a market for people to be able to eat. We started looking at alternative markets
for our lupins quite a few years ago and that lead to the advent of building on-farm storage
so we could market it throughout the year. This worked really, really well for a few
years then other people started getting on-board with on-farm storage mainly closer to the
markets so this led us to start thinking outside the square and where we are going with our
lupins. And knowing lupin is jam-packed full of nutrition
we decided to have a go at doing human consumption work as well. So we needed to create a product that people
know and that was a flour so we mill a lupin flour and then we have a retail range of
products under the brand of My Provincial Kitchen. So through My Provincial Kitchen we can bring
knowledge and really tasty yummy gluten free food that’s all based on lupin to people Lupins are a little powerhouse of a seed. They have 37% protein, they have 42% fibre
and they’ve only got 6% carbohydrate so that’s fantastic. But then they have a huge amount of iron. They’ve got more iron than kale, they’ve got
more potassium than bananas, they’ve got more magnesium than spinach. And they’ve got amino acids, they’ve got b-vitamins,
they’re just like so nutrient dense, they’re awesome. There’s so much to love about farming. Like I love the lifestyle, I love where we
live and I love the freedom that it brings us. I also love the fact that I get to do what
I truly love which is cooking for our family, for our workers to create food that nourishes
people is incredible.