(bright music) – [Narrator] Lake
Superior State University is located in Michigan’s
scenic eastern upper peninsula. LSSU’s Center for Applied Science
and Engineering Technology houses the engineering programs. These include electrical, mechanical and computer engineering degrees. As well as technology degrees. Senior projects are the Capstone
of the engineering degree. Students are assigned to
a multidisciplinary team. To solve an engineering problem that has been sponsored by industrial clients. Senior projects provides students
with opportunity to learn and practice their project,
team and time management skills. As well as to apply
their engineering skills to solve an actual engineering problem. We are Team SEA. Superior Engineering Automation. Our team includes Sarah
Becks, computer engineer. Scott Lordson, computer engineer. Jacob Kline, mechanical engineer. Roberto Valdez, mechanical engineer. And our faculty advisor
is Dr. Masoud Zarepoor. Our industrial client for our
project is Nexteer Automotive. They are world leader in
steering and driveline systems. They are located in Saginaw Michigan. And have headquarters in Auburn Hills. For our project, we developed an automotive robotic system to measure how much effort it takes to push a steering column in and pull it out. There were three major
components to our project. First, we needed to
develop a compliance device to allow for freedom of movement during the alignment process. Second, we had to create
vision alignment process and fixturing for the camera. Finally, we needed to develop
a data acquisition system for gathering and
analyzing the force data. At the completion of this project, we were able to build and test the fully automated system that included vision alignment in a compliance device as well as data acquisition. (bright music) Team SEA would like to
extend a special thanks to Fred Berg, Tim Bennett, Dave Prior and Scott White at Nexteer. As well as FANUC for helping
provide us with a robot. (bright music)