Advion® brands contain a non-repellent active
ingredient called indoxacarb, which causes a delay in target pest mortality. This delayed mortality is key, as it allows
the insect to consume or come into contact with the product and return to its harborage
site or colony to contaminate other pests before dying. With cockroaches, this occurs
through live cockroaches feeding off the feces, secretions and even the remains of the dead
cockroaches in the harborage, leading to exponential control. Because of the behavior patterns
of cockroaches, Advion Evolution and Cockroach Gel Baits can be further transferred to a
third group of cockroaches by the same mechanism described earlier, which is called tertiary
kill. Only Advion brand cockroach gel baits have
demonstrated this effect, leading to more thorough control. Ants, in contrast to cockroaches, feed actively
with their colony members. The worker ants forage for food and store it in their “social
stomach,” which is later regurgitated and distributed to other hungry nest mates. The
process of sharing liquid food in this way is called trophallaxis. Both mechanisms — the
active feeding of the ants and the indirect feeding in the cockroach harborage — are
known as horizontal transfer, resulting in secondary kill of the cockroaches and ants
that do not typically go out and forage. The horizontal transfer resulting in secondary
kill (ants and cockroaches) is caused by these Advion brands for superior pest control.