[Chris Cameron] So today is our global local
event here at Danforth Dining Hall. We have a selection of entrees from around the world,
spanning the globe from China, we have a dish from India, Belgium is represented, the United
States is represented, Mexico is represented. The real focus is that the food is all, as
much as possible at this time of year, sourced within state. [Kevin Aubrey] Over 40% of all
of the products we serve and sell on campus are from within New York State. We’re very
proud of that fact, we’re looking to push that to at least 45% this year and to keep
that growing, and certainly it’s a focus for us in all of our locations. [Keith Rosengren]
Local is better for a number of reasons. It makes the most economic sense, because the
product has to travel less distance. It keeps more of those purchasing dollars right here
in the community for them to reinvest. It also means that you’re spending less energy
to get your product to market. If we are using garlic from China, that’s a lot of energy
to bring that garlic here. If we are using garlic from Albion, it makes it a lot easier.
[Kevin Aubrey] For us, local foods is a, we kind of cover the whole state. If we stayed
in Upstate New York obviously, with the snow outside right now, we’d have some challenges
trying to be local all the time. We do kind of use New York State as our canvas, so anything
that is grown, produced, manufactured, packaged, in New York State. [Nick Williams] We have
a feel for what’s coming into season just based on being at the Public Market and knowing
what’s out there and what’s coming in, but depending on what the farmers have that’s
ready that week, it could be, this week I know they have potatoes, eggplants, peppers,
seems to be the kind of, and onions, seems to be the kind of staple of what’s going around
right now. [Chris Cameron] Some of the vendors that we’re pairing with today are Bolton Farms,
they’re from real close, they’re from Syracuse, they’re a all hydroponic farmed produce market,
we’re featuring some nib lettuce from them and also some herbs: cilantro, basil, microgreens.
We’re featuring Rich’s bakery products, specifically pizza dough, and they’re within state. Father
Sam’s bakery is also represented here, they’ve supplied us with whole wheat pita pockets,
and we’ve got numerous items from Three Square Farms out of, well they use a collective of
Finger Lakes farms. [Antonio Pignagrande] For me and I’m sure for him too it’s like
opening a present for us, because we normally don’t get to play around with, so I think
it’s fun and creative to make the menus out of things you find out in a couple days. [Keith
Rosengren] This is only the beginning of what we plan to do here at the U of R. We really
hope to push our local purchases as much as possible. Find as many vendors and make as
many partnerships throughout the community as we can, because this is the direction that
we want to go and we think that this is the direction that the U of R community wants
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