After our popular video on the two-year pineapple
Journey, We now show you how our pineapple plants produced bigger and better pineapples
in years, three and four. So enjoy this episode on growing pineapples
with lots of tips, advice and fun facts about pineapples. So this was the mother plant that was growing
in the container. The one that we showed you in a previous video
and it grew some side shoots. What we are doing here is we are taking the
side shoots and then planting it separately in the same container. And this will grow into a new plant, a new
pineapple plant. And you can grow up to three pineapple plants
in this size container and the mother plant can continue to grow and produce pineapples. While the side shoot becomes a separate plant
with its own root system. And as you can see here, there’s one more
side shoot that this plant is growing. Which we have separated out and planted as
a new plant. Now in February 2018, you can see that the
mother plant has become quite large and the two babies are growing right next to it. And they will become separate pineapple plants. And we have planted one more pineapple plant
as you can see here. This is a pineapple that’s around a year old
and it’s growing in a five gallon container by itself. And this is a different pineapple variety. So this variety of pineapple actually produced
a flower in the first year itself, as you can see here. It has produced this Bud that will grow into
a flower and then into a pineapple eventually. So it really depends on which variety of pineapple
you grow. Some varieties will grow pineapples quickly. While others will take a long time. So just try with different pineapple varieties
and then see which one works out best for you. As you can see here, now the pineapple flower
is looking very beautiful. Now some of you had asked me what kind of
a container you need to grow pineapples. Do you need a larger or a deeper container? And the answer to that is you just need a
five gallon container to grow pineapples. The root systems are not very deep, so you
can definitely get away with using a five gallon container. Now as you can see here, the mother plant
has also started producing a bird and it will eventually grow into a pineapple and this
is the second pineapple for this plant. So once you harvest the first pineapple the
plant will keep producing pineapples that will question that a lot of you had asked
and now the other pineapple plant the smaller one is producing a pineapple as you can see
here the flower or the bar looks very much like a pineapple now and it will keep growing
and will eventually become a pineapple. So as you can see here, it’s looking more
and more like a real pineapple now. Beautiful looking flower as well as the fruit
that’s forming on the top and the mother plant now has a pineapple that’s quite large in
size as you can see here. And what we are doing here is we’re just trimming
the leaves from the pineapple plant. Now, this is completely optional. We just did it to get rid of the yellowing
and the Browning leaves and just keep the plant in shape. Now at this stage while the plant is producing
pineapples. You want to make sure that you’re providing
adequate nutrients to the plant. This container has almost 50% compost, which
provides a lot of nutrients. But you also need to add either an organic
fertilizer or a salt based fertilizer at the stage. Now which kind of fertilizer you want to use
is entirely up to you. I usually use an organic fertilizer every
three months during the growing season and we did move this pineapple plant to a new
location. And this was the container area that I don’t
want a very frequently it gets watered like once a week or so and you can see here this
pineapple that’s being produced which is a second pineapple for this plant is growing
pretty well. And the first pineapple was very small. The one that this plant produced. However from the next pineapple onwards the
pineapple size is usually larger and this pineapple variety actually produced a medium
sized pineapple in the first year itself, which is quite incredible. I was actually expecting a smaller pineapple,
but eventually you’ll see that when we Harvest this pineapple. It’s pretty decently sized. And as you can see here, the pineapple is
shaping up very well and has started yellowing now and once the pineapple starts yellowing
you can Harvest it in a few days. Now you can see here. This plant is also growing a side shoot right
there. And eventually this can be transplanted into
a separate plant as you can see here. Once the pineapple starts yellowing, it will
just take a few days for this pineapple to become completely ripe. So just keep watching the pineapple once it
starts turning yellow. Because you may have to harvest it very soon. And the mother plant as you can see here is
producing this pineapple that’s significantly larger than the one It produced in the first
year. So here’s one and two were the years it produced
a small pineapple and years three and four are the ones where it’s producing this large
pineapple? Now our smaller pineapple plant has produced
this pineapple. That’s significantly yellow one side now and
you just have to wait till it becomes yellow from all the sides before you harvest it and
here you see that the pineapple is yellow from all the sides and this is a good time
to go ahead and harvest the pineapple. So once the pineapple turns completely yellow
it will be very sweet, it will be very delicious. So this is a time to harvest the pineapple
and as you can see here, this is a medium-sized pineapple. This is from the first year of growing for
this pineapple variety. So I was really happy with the way this pineapple
plant produced and that too in a small container as you can see. And is a pretty good-looking pineapple. And I also wanted to cut open this pineapple
and show you how it looks like now in our previous video. Thanks to everyone who commented about. How to cut a pineapple properly that was really
good advice. However, I found that it does take a lot of
skill to cut a pineapple very cleanly. So I’ll try my best here. But this is the pineapple Crown you can either
plant it as a separate plant or put it in your compost and as you can see here the pineapple
skin is very thick and we’re going to be first removing the skin. And even after you remove the skin there will
be a lot of eyes on the side and as you can see here the pineapple looks beautiful, extremely
sweet, extremely delicious pineapple, and I’m just going to cut one slice of this pineapple
before I remove the skin. Now, you can even skin the whole pineapple
before cutting it, but I’m just going to show you how this looks like the pineapple is so
soft and so juicy that it’s actually breaking in my hands and as you can see here, I’m removing
the sides and I’m not an expert when it comes to cutting pineapple. I’m going to be composting all this side skin
as you can see and there you see beautiful-looking pineapple here, extremely nice extremely delicious. Now in our previous video, we got comments
from some viewers that is it really worth the wait to grow a pineapple at home. You could just go to the store and buy it
for cheap. It all depends on what you really want. Gardening is something that’s a hobby that
makes you feel connected to nature something that people enjoy doing including me. I love gardening. But if you’re looking for a quick fix, and
all you want to do is just save money, you know, go to the store buy a pineapple that’s
perfectly fine. But for those of you who love gardening, you
know what I’m talking about and if you really feel connected to gardening. If you love gardening, please put in a comment
in the comments box below to show the world how much you love gardening how much you like
growing plants how much you feel connected to nature when you’re growing plants and this
is not really a quick fix. It’s not really about money about getting
cheap stuff from the store from the grocery store. This is the joy of growing your own pineapples
at home. And you know, what’s going into your soil,
you know, what’s going into your plant. There are no pesticides are no chemicals. So the fruits that you are getting are of
extremely good quality. So definitely this is something that I would
recommend for people who love gardening not for people who are looking for saving money
or a quick fix. And this is the mother plant that had produced
the pineapple in the first year and this is the second pineapple that this plant is producing
and as you can see here it started yellowing now that means it’s ripening and soon we’re
going to be harvesting this pineapple from this pineapple plant. And this is the largest pineapple that we
have harvested as you can see here quite a large pineapple and the biggest pine apple
harvest that we have made and this is not only very beautiful. It’s also very fragrant and quite large in
size as you can see here. So it’s definitely worth the wait in the first
two years the pineapple that will be produced will be smaller in size. But in years three and four as you can see
here. The pineapple is much larger, and the same
pineapple plant will keep producing more pineapples for years to come. So there we have it folks. We hope you enjoyed this episode on growing
pineapples. If you like this video do give us a thumbs
up, and if you have any questions put them in the comments box below. If you love gardening and love watching plants
grow and feel connected to Nature do express your love for gardening by putting in a comment
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