The Weed Man program combines effective
weed control and industry-leading fertilization to give you a healthier,
greener, weed-free lawn. Our top-of-the-line weed control product
controls undesirable weeds including Dandelions, Creeping Charlie, and
Crabgrass while our exclusive granular fertilizer feeds and thickens the grass
long-term, helping to prevent these opportunistic weeds from returning. Our
kid and pet friendly products and practices are what set us apart from the
competition – but what makes them unique? Hey there, Jared with Weed Man here, been here for about
two years as one of the assistant managers up at the Madison branch.
We’re just here today to talk to you guys about a little bit of our products
kind of what we use and what sets us apart from all the other people in
industry so first we’re gonna look at the fertilizer. This is a 2406 blend of
fertilizer that’s slow-release it has a kind of a polymer coating on the outside
which allows the product to kind of break down in the soil over time, which
allows nutrients to feed the lawn through the entire growing season. That’s
kind of the one reason that the fertilizer sets us apart from our
competition is that it is slow release we’re gonna do three applications
throughout the year and that’s going to feed the lawn throughout the entire
season as you’re a customer with us. So now we’re gonna talk about our weed
control with our weed control we offer two blanket treatments throughout the
year followed by a spot treatment. Our first blanket treatment of the year
is gonna knock down all your Dandelion, Clover, Plantain and all your really easy to
kill weeds and our second one is gonna pretty much knock out everything that
makes it through that first round. We do offer free reapplications of weed
control so let’s say you have some Creeping Charlie, some Wild Violets that
kind of make it through our we control rounds, just give us a call we can pretty
much treat them every two weeks if need be Another thing we see during the summer that pops up quite a bit is Crabgrass
and something that’s very unwanted by customers we do treat for it during our W1
which is our first we control blanket application we do a pre-emergent for
Crabgrass. If any emerges throughout the year we spot treat that on every visit Whether you’re looking to improve your
lawn or maintain its current health our program is second to none when combined
with proper watering and mowing habits don’t settle for less. Trust the experts
in lawncare Trust Weed Man