Western Australia… recognised around the world as a producer of safe, high quality food and fibre products. An industry that is both vital to our State’s
economy and one that places a high value on our overseas markets. Western Australia is a significant producer of red meat dairy, wool, grains and horticultural products. All grown in one of the most pest-free, disease free agricultural production areas in the world The majority of these animals are raised on family run farms in peaceful, rural areas located near the cropping regions of southern Western Australia. An area of wide open spaces, lush green pastures and abundant food sources. In conjunction with the Western Australian Government’s strict animal welfare standards, farmers ensure their flocks are regularly
monitored, protecting them from illness and keeping the animals healthy. Lamb, mutton and wool are the key products derived from these Western Australian sheep, and while over 80% of sheep meat is exported to overseas markets in 50 countries, their high-quality wool is also exported for use in fashion apparel the world over. For the animals being prepared for the sheep meat market, local industry observes low stress stock handling while being transported, protecting the wellbeing of the sheep on their way to the high-tech processing facilities. The meat is then vacuum sealed and hygienically packaged, preserving its freshness and taste, ready for export. Western Australia’s lamb is tasty and tender and suitable for many cooking styles. Chefs love it versatility and it’s consistent quality. The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia supports the sheep industry by helping to capitalise on growing markets for sheep products and assists the industry to build capacity to supply new markets, generating flow-on benefits to producers, industry, the regions, communities and the State economy.