How to Give MSG Vetsin as Orchid Fertilizer Hello youtuber, welcome to my gardening channel. This time I would like to share my experience about using Monosodium glutamate / MSG as fertilizer for orchids. Micin, Ajinomoto, Miwon, MSG or whatever the name is, that the same Monosodium glutamate. I use MSG for my Orchids because the fertilizer that I usually use is I don’t have it anymore for last two months. Usually I use liquid fertilizer from the website url you can find on the below of this video, on video description. I wait to buy liquid fertilizer because I also want to buy some new orchids, that for long time I dream about it LOL . I will by two bottles of liquid fertilizer. I want to buy orchids native from Indonesia where Schwerter indeed order or buy direct from Indonesia. Well I can’t and I don’t want to buy orchids directly from Indonesia, big risks being held by Germany’s customs, so I’d better buy them from online store in Germany. I mix one teaspoon of MSG to 5 liters of water, later on the next month you can increase the dose up 3-5 tablespoons msg to 5 litres of water. The water I use is rainwater. I filter it. Why rain water because rainwater is good for orchids. Orchid originally comes from the forest, so they get rainwater from the nature for life. If rainwater is being discharged, such as on summer, to use tap water does not matter. After 2 months using Monosodium glutamate / MSG as fertilizer for my orchids, I amazed once, my orchids grow well as before. I will show you my orchids one by one. first one Cattleya, young plant. just a look, it has larger leaves. There is also new green shoots are nice. Then for the paphiopedilum their foliage really fresh. These orchids originally from Taiwan Haraella retrocalla. He avidly flowering every year. This new show next to here there are new again a new flower spike. Then the following phalaenopsis celebensis Sulawesi origin from Indonesia. This is a young plant Orchid. I love to see the pattern of the leaves, and the leaves are also good. I did not expect this Orchid blooming, because this is a young plant Orchid. Chelonistele sulphurea, is fertile, and its vegetation has been flowering twice, really nice flowers. And I’ve seen today, there flower spike appears. This leaves drying, should be removed. I hope this flower spike. This one, can you see? The leaves are also good. This Cattleya I bought 2 years ago, has never flowered again since purchased. There are several new pseudobulb come. And it appears it seems to designate the flowers spike. A new pseudobulb. This another pseudobulb, I am so happy. I hope next year this cattleya give more than one flower. When I was buy this orchid, I was forget to make a picture from the flower. But I remember the flower was big and smelt good in the early morning. May the flowering, since that time I have not forgotten the flower recording the flower, but this big and Nice. Cattleya orchid blooming if the pseudobulb is already large (adult). Most craze is the phalaenopsis root, the orchid of the month. See the aerol roots? Wow that a lot. orchids growing fantastic after given micin. I use MSG for my Orchids 1-2 times in a month. Do not directly sprinkle above the planting medium but dilute with water before used. Okay youtuber, I am happy to share my experience about using Monosodium glutamate / MSG as fertilizer for orchids. Thank you that you watch my video till end. If my video help you, and you like it, thumb up, subscribe and share would be make me very happy ๐Ÿ™‚ . If you have also experiences how to uses the micin (MSG) for your orchids, please share in the comments field. Thank you for watching, see you again, happy growing from Germany.