Hello fellow growers, a pleasant day and welcome to my channel the Late Grower Our topic is on how to pollinate flowers of chili plants. I have received many inquiries from viewers on how to pollinate chili plants.. why flowers are dropping.. why flowers are drying or why chili plants are not flowering. So this video aims to help you convert those flowers into fruits Let’s start by getting familiar with the kind of flower Chili plants have… flowers of Chili plants are self-pollinating. This means the flower has both male and female parts and this is the same with all the other varieties of chilies as well as peppers. This part is called Stamen (male) and this is where pollen comes from. In the middle is the pistil that looks line antenna and the tip of this pistil is called stigma (female) Pollination will start the moment pollen touches the stigma. Air helps in pollinating the stigma. When wind blows, pollen drops and some of them land on the stigma. Wind therefore is first and important in getting the flowers pollinated. Next to wind are the other pollinators such as bees and butterflies. So when there are no bees and butterflies in the garden, we can also rely on the wind to do the job. If you are to rely on the wind to do the pollination, it is better to put the chili plants close to each other This is needed especially if the Chili plants are of the same variety so they can help to pollinate each other when wind blows. If there is no wind and also no other pollinators, then comes hand-pollination. You can hand-pollinate by just flicking gently the back of the flower like so.. to drop the pollen onto the stigma. You can also use cotton bud to get the pollen and smear the stigma with it. This is one way to hand pollinate flowers… If you have lots of Chili plants and all are flowering, you can also shake the trunk to force the pollen to drop onto the stigma. Incidentally, hand pollination can also help you cross-breed different chili plants. You can cross-breed by getting the pollen of one variety and smear with it the stigma of another chili variety. This is just by way of example.. As mentioned, Chili plants can help pollinate each other by placing them close to each other. But if you put close to each other different varieties of Chili plants, cross-breeding may occur and you’ll come up with a hybrid if it happens. Who knows, you might even come up with a new variety of Chili plant. Once pollination is successful, you will notice the flower drying and later on drop. After which fruits will form and grow as you can see here…. It is therefore easy to pollinate flowers of Chili plants If there are no natural pollinators, just shake the tree. I do this once a day, others do this twice a day. As to the question: on why Chili plant is not flowering? Like most plants, Chilies are dependent on photo-period. Photo-period refers to the length of day and night or light and darkness wherein the plant is exposed. If the plant is exposed to light for long hours than usual, it has a tendency to stay in the vegetative stage longer than it should. It is happening to a number of my plants because I don’t have much space and my plants are exposed to light during daytime and also at night courtesy of light bulbs around the house that must be turned on at night and this causes delay in the flowering stage. This photo-period is observed especially by those who growing indoors This is not a problem for those growing plants in open field because the natural day(light) and night(darkness) cycle is followed. Another reason why Chili plant is not flowering is because of temperature/climte that could be too hot or too cold for it especially if nights are humid. Chili plants in our country are best planted during October to January – – that time when we are getting a bit cold weather Chili plants can grow any time of the year but flowering is affected when the weather is too hot especially in an urban setting. Another question is why flowers are dropping? Hot climate is also one of the reason why flowers drop especially when nights are also hot and humid. This is normally not a problem when you grow in open field. But in urban gardening where temperature is hot and all you have around is concrete, then it can lead to flowers dropping. One remedy that we can do is to place chili plants in the shade during extremely hot weather. One more reason why flowers drop could be because of aphids or other insects. Aphids in particular like to eat flowers and even young stems. Be wary of aphids and immediately spray with organic insecticide once you see them in your chili plant. As to the question: why there are only few flowers on a chili plant? If the chili plant is just starting to bloom, it follows you will see only few flowers at first. But later on as it matures you will see more flowers especially when you have taken care of it the right way. Another reason why flowers drop is because the soil is always wet. Roots always sitting on wet soil contributes to root rot and prevents proper nutrient uptake. To encourage flowering, avoid over-watering. It is actually better to let the soil dry out before giving water. Small chili plants cannot be expected to produce lots of flowers Another is the size of container, if the container is small it restricts the growth of the plant and thus prevents it from coming out with more budding sites. If you want chili plants to have lots of budding sites, it is advisable to prune or to cut the top of the plant when it is still 6 to 8 inches in height. So those are the ways to natural method to pollinate flowers of chili plants without the use of chemical spray to induce flowering and fruiting. Thank you so much for watching and see you in my next videos. By the way, thank you so much to all of you who subscribed, we have reached 20K and hopefully you will continue to support this channel. Advance Merry Christmas Po and see you in my next videos.