5. Brazil Output in billion USD for 2015: 110 Brazil is widely known for being the leading
supplier of things like sugar cane, coffee, soybeans and chicken. The South American country continues to develop
its agricultural sector. 4. Indonesia Output in billion USD for 2015: 127 Number four goes out to Indonesia which has
almost half of its population working tirelessly in the agricultural sector. The country is a major exporter of things
like natural rubber, coffee, spices, cacao and many more. 3. USA Output in billion USD for 2015: 290 The USA takes the third spot on the list with
impressive feats such as being the largest corn producer. Other major exports for the country include
all sorts of meat, together with milk and other animal products. 2. India Output in billion USD for 2015: 413 India’s agriculture employs over half of
the country’s population, although that number is slowly but surely declining. Our second contender’s export mainly goes
to developing countries, including some of the least developed. 1. China Output in billion USD for 2015: 1 088 China takes the crown in this list of the
10 most advanced countries in agriculture with not too far from as much as all the other
nine combined, making it the biggest agricultural exporter in the world.