Hello dear cylinder mower freaks, welcome to a new video. Today it’s all about mowing. What does my breakthrough look like? I think very well! The breakthrough has been great regenerated. The dry spot has disappeared. It rained now and then. I did not water that much. I will not mow here now, so that the lawn regenerate properly. Here’s the stuff stuff There, they sweat. The hydraulic hoses sweat. Unfortunately, they are so porous that I have to exchange them. The two here, they are gone. Here too, crazy Sweat through the rubber. Yes, not easy on the small property, with the big mower, to get these nice parallel stripes. Good morning dear lawn freaks it is very early in the morning. Seven o’clock Sunday morning, I’m just out to see what my lawn looks like. Grey haze I have a grey haze. It’s horror A grey haze, my Torospindle did not cut properly. Everything is grey here. The whole lawn is grey. Such a drama you have to look at it. There the blades of grass are crushed. The spindle was really very quiet, I thought: Ohh great, the Toro runs so calmly. And cuts well too, but I did not see yesterday and this morning everything looks grey. The whole lawn is crushed and then greyish dried up the end of the blade. Totally important topic. If the spindle does not cut properly, if it is not set correctly, then you do more wrong with the cylinder mower than with every other mower. Now I must I must to mow right now on Monday and readjust my spindle. I do not know what that is. I thought the Toro cuts so well but … Do you see the little bird, it’s so cute. How he hops around, rad or That’s cute, that’s really the moments of happiness in the morning. Yes, freaks, but now this is the end here with Toro. Until next time. Stay tuned. Bye