Hello everyone you’re watching Rice leaf
folder, Gram pod borer, cotton boll worm leaf-eating caterpillar, shoot and fruit
borer which caused extreme damage to various crops Varsha pleased to
introduce Toxin Toxin is a biological insecticide containing Beauveria_bassiana
as active ingredient mode of action It is a Contact poison which on applying
in the fields this poison Conidia get in contact with the insect body they’ll
germinate and penetrate inside the Insect body and gets multiplied
subsequently they mummify the insect and release arial spores that will
infect the other insect you can see the immobilized dead larvae that is mummified Method of application toxin can be applied as foliar spray @ 1 kg
per acre Credentials of Varsha Varsha bioscience is an ISO 9000 and 2015 certified manufacturing company with credible R&D back up and an international certifying agency “ECOCERT” certified toxin as organic for more details contact Varsha bioscience and technology India Private Limited Floor number three second main road Vinay nagar colony, Saidabad, Hyderabad 500059,Telangana, India