come to the hi my name is Kirsten Segler from the greenery what we want to do in this segment is talk about trailing petunias aren’t they just beautiful just like all our other annuals throughout the season we do trial these so when we closed end of June we take down the show plants we give them a hard haircut transplant them out into pots and display them in the full Sun in the parking lot and from there we have chosen some of our favorite colors new varieties some old-time standard varieties that you must have like the waves for example and we’re just going to go through them and just give you a few examples of how to use them there’s also a quite a bit of a degree in their vigor so we’re going to go through that as well the most vigorous ones here are in the back as we move to the front of the scene here they do get more compact by a variety the first thing I want to do is describe the difference between what we call trailing petunias and betting petunias so betting petunias are only sold in the four packs trailing petunias we sell individually in four inch and two and a half inch there are two different strains of petunias you will not get this effect with a bedding petunia it is impossible so we do not use betting petunias in any of our hanging baskets we only use the trailing petunias and there’s a group also called vegetative which we’ll get into a little bit later so the most popular group the first group that we’ve been out oh geez probably twenty years are the waves so down below me here we have some samples this here is purple wave the most popular trailing petunia there is ez wave white so there’s the ez wave series in the wave series the ez wave series is a little more compact but we do prefer the EZ wave white over the wave a variety in this case so easy wave white we have lavender wave Blue Wave Pink wave which was also the basket I was standing beside over here and this introduction here is actually a sport that we have found so it’s a variegated purple wave so we had found a branch that had sported – a variegated leaf off of a regular purple wave plant we took that off and have propagated from that and come up with this variety ourselves and we have been selling it now for three years so that’s the variegated purple purple wave these also are the ones we use on our petunia tree so if you ever come by in the greenery you know even in June you can start seeing the effect of what these do but by mid summer they’re in full force so we have a metal structure holding 16 hanging baskets and by the mid-season it’s all grown together and it just looks like one big petunia tree we always use the waves up there to give people example of what you can create with them and we do have those plans available for you to print off offer our website if you’re interested in getting involved in a large project like that next four baskets here are double type of trailing petunias now the difference between double trailing petunias and double betting petunias the flowers are smaller but way more flower power so overall you’ll get a more color in the whole view of the basket and no deadheading as well so these two examples here this is the double wave white and double wave rose so two great examples of nice full double blooming petunias a little bit over here we get into even the smaller flower size so this breed is specifically bred for even heavier flower production but a little bit of a smaller flower with the blanket series so we’ve got the blanket white and blanket rose so just some great examples of double trailing petunias you you