I’ve been a TruGreen customer for 35 years.
This is our second home, and we’ve been here at the plan for about twenty. The best thing about TruGreen for
us as the customer is that we are not responsible for worrying
about what season it is, whether this is weed season, or whether the grass is growing extra longer, or watering
extra. It’s freedom from having to be on top
in those kinds of issues. He comes and knocks on the door and use them and usually, I’m still in my jammies
and I’m not going to answer it. So, he does his job and leaves me a
beautiful note at the end and compliments me or tells me things I can do
to change my watering pattern. So, he leaves information that guides us to adjust things if we need it. People walk this neighborhood and stop
and say, “You guys keep it really well-maintained.” I have the greenest yard in the street and we
found that to be true all these years. 私の正直な意見ではドラゴンが、開催されました。