Through the course of history milk was an essential part of every woman’s beauty and health regime. From the egyptian queen cleopatra to today’s celebrities milk is clearly one of the top ingredients for skincare. This power packed ingredient is an essential part of our diet but did you know that milk makes an amazing beauty supplement too? milk is one of the few ingredients that are suitable for topical application as well as consumption. It is an all time favourite for many of us as it provides lasting results. The lactic acid found in milk is said to remove dead skin cells rejuvenating and keeping the skin fresh and healthy. Rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants milk potentially helps to eliminate free radicals which are partially responsible for premature ageing resulting in wrinkles and age spots. It also improves skin’s texture and hydration giving you that milky clear complexion. Your skin is a mirror of your diet and regular consumption of milk makes your skin Healthy Soft And supple But if you want an added benefit then topical application is the way to go. Nivea’s Milk Delights Face Wash with precious saffron is your best bet! Wet your face with lukewarm water take a little bit and foam the cleanser between your palms Use your fingertips to evenly distribute it across your face. Then rub it into your skin with small circular motions. This unclogs the pores and removes impurities within your skin brightening your face and leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy Whether you have normal dry sensitive or oily skin milk is great for all skin types and there are countless ways to add this power packed ingredient to your daily skincare routine. The simplest way is to apply some onto a piece of cotton and use it to cleanse your face. You can also make your own milky DIY face mask at home. When natural ingredients like honey gram flour saffron and rose are mixed with milk, it becomes a beautiful concoction of goodness that will leave your skin soft supple and glowing in no time! Adding milk to our beauty regime is nothing new. Ancient goddesses have done that and if it’s been good enough for hundreds of years then it is definitely good enough for us now With a pH level similar to skin’s own milk helps maintain the pH balance of the facial skin and the goodness of milk proteins nourish the skin from deep within. We hope you found this video helpful and have a new appreciation for something we all take for granted. milk not only gives good health it helps to reduce stress lose weight and much to your surprise works wonders as a beauty supplement as well Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.