welcome back you’re watching ACIERO in Amsterdam today I am back again with how do you successfully grow and buy your tulips
tulips are bulbs that actually bloom in spring and autumn and winter are the
perfect seasons to plug your bulbs if you want your bulbs to bloom in spring
and give you all those beautiful blooms you should be able to plant all your
bulbs now in autumn in winter also when winter starts from October November
and December the latest month you could plant you
bulbs are in December however before you start planting those
bulbs you need to buy the bulbs how do you choose the perfect bulbs before you
plant your bulbs and think of also having tulip bulbs in your garden think
about the structure and the landscape of your garden how big and how tall do you
want your bulbs to be so if you know what this is going to be I know the
colors you are there you can head up to that garden center and buy yourself those tulips you want to plant and make sure you read on the packet how tall they
will become and what color blooms are going to give you and what type of those
because tulips come in a variety of blooms and comes in a variety of types and of heights and you won’t be surprised if you thought that you bought tulips that go this
high and then you end up with tulips this short so be observate and look at
the instructions on the packet the next thing is how do you plant your bulbs so
if you thinking of planting your bulbs so the bulbs are always like this they look
like onions but if you’re holding an onion the roots down and the top up you
should plant your bulbs like that so you should put the top up and so that and
then if you’re plotting them make sure you dig down in your ground or soil very
good soil you have to plant your tulip bulbs in well-drained soil this is
because you don’t want your bulbs to be sitting in water and rotting so if you
soil is well drained although it’s going to be winter your bulbs will absove all
the cold I make sure you give them some ferterlizer when you’re planting so
that when they start blooming in spring start coming out they’re really that
great and the full of nutrients and they’ll give you first of all the very
nice leaves and then the flower come and then you’ll be able to enjoy those
blooms the other thing you should know before planting your bulbs is you should
plant your bulbs in masses because this gives a very good spray of flowers and
make sure that you also plant them you know by scale that you continuously get
new blooms so if you plant one layer of bulbs under underneath put another one
on top another or just plant each every week you know start planting that
the first layer the next week or the second one
so that’s when they start blooming because if they are all blooming in the
same season so that every week you have new blooms continuously blooming in your garden that’s also one of the tricks I also use in my garden because I don’t
want to get a spread of flowers in one two weeks and all of a sudden all flowers are gone
Want continuous bulbs so what I do is I plant layer by layer
let me try planting different weeks because if I see on my package that my
bulbs will be blooming in April and maybe I want my blooms to last until May so
what I do is I plant one week later on the outside that continuously blooms of the same color all the other thing you
should do is buy different bulbs that through different seasons because
those are also there booms don’t you have bulbs thats bloom in March and you have bulbs that bloom in April and your have bulbs that bloom in May so maybe if you combine all
those ones and if you get them in the same color or little as you wish on what
then maybe that would also bring you some happiness you know could create
what you looking for but what
I normally do is I buy the same bulbs and I just plant layer by layer week by week
and then all of a sudden I get the same results and while you’re planting
your bulbs what do you do in the meantime because while they’re down the whole
three four months in the ground you have the garden also has to look nice, after
planting my bulbs for the winter on top of them I plant winter violets this
these winter violets also give lots of color in my garden so in the winter I
have these violets giving a little bit of color and under nather Iam having those
bulbs for spring up and give me loads and loads and loads of blooms in
the spring and ladies and gentlemen I