– The hallmark of Kundalini
yoga is the breath. Our breath is the gateway
into our nervous system, into actually beginning
to connect and to feel. I look at it as, really,
the greatest and easiest way to come back to our senses, because most of us walk around numb. We have to, because we’re so afraid to feel the pain of life. What Kundalini does,
it’s a really gentle way of accessing our body again, on our terms. What I love about Kundalini yoga is you don’t have to be
a hard-bodied athlete, you don’t have to be this human pretzel, or like this crazy
ashram-visiting, meditating yogi. All you need is your
breath and a beating heart and some curiosity. We teach them, through
breath, just to be able to access these caverns of
pain that they’ve been denying. So you slowly start to
begin to feel again.