>>Ines Beltran, County Extension Agent: So your family becomes part of this job. I
have a 14 year old and he is into everything. He’s in the 4-H, he is in the
activities. I take him to the senior centers. He helped me to hand out, you
know, all the forms… I take him with me everywhere so I love the part that
my family is involved in what I am passionate about and what I love to
do and I apply this at home too. I apply all the information that I teach at home
even the parenting class with my son and with my husband. But I love the nutrition
part and make you healthier and being more active and exercise and the
food safety and how, you know, you handle the food in a good way, and it’s not going to make sick anybody and you can make more money with that and the whole Extension
information it becomes part of your life and your family become part of that.