Oftentimes as homeowners we’re required to
use pesticides to control certain problems. Those problems being insects, diseases, and
weeds. And so, once you’ve chosen the product that
you’re interested in using, the important thing to do is to read the label that comes
with the packet. If you find that the label is difficult to
read or difficult to understand you can actually go to the internet and type in in your web
browser that products name and then the word label. And you can get a more readable version of
that particular productions information. Some of the information that’s included in
the label that you need to be aware of is: the active ingredient, the statement about
first aid, and if you happen to have a problem where you are required to go to the medical
facility and be treated, you probably need to take the label with you. And hazards both to animals and to yourselves
that are included in that particular product. There might be particular statements about
bees and how that product would affect bees and then specifically it will start to get
into the directions for use. And then finally there will be information
on storage and disposal. And so what you want you want to remember
when you buy a product. It’s really important to read and understand
and follow that label that comes with it. In order for you to apply that product correctly
and then be able to dispose of that container when you’re done. This is Jeff Edwards, for the University of
Wyoming Extension From the Ground Up.