All my gardening friends welcome to Veggies Home Kitchen Garden. Today’s video about updates of Garlic after 20 days. 20 days before I sow Garlic Cloves in plastic tub. Now beautiful green leaves comes out each and every cloves of Garlic. Healthy growth of Garlic in plastic tub. Place plastic tub in where 6 to 8 hours morning sunlight. Proper care of fertilizer according to requirement. During 20 days only 1 time using liquid fertilizer Increase the ratio of Nitrogen To keep the soil soft and moist. After 4 to 5 days digging is essential. These are some important tips Which I can share with my gardening friends. Hope so you like this video. Kindly like and subscribe my channel to keep in touch next coming videos. Bye Asim Nawaz from Veggies Home Kitchen Garden