Funny Things in your urine are remembered
by LAM CHAP Lesch Nyhan
Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Cystinuria Homocytinuria
Alkaptonuria Phenylketouria Lesch Nyahn lacks HGPRT, which makes you look
like a hag because of self mutilation. You have a lot of uric acid made into your
pee. ADA deficiency causes SCID. A SCID kid is
a bubble boy. Maple Syrup Urine Disease has urine that smells
like maple syrup. I Love Maple Syrup. Cystinuria has cysteine in the urine, or cystine
kidney stones. Treat with aCetazolamide for Cystine. Homocytinuria has high homocystein in the
urine, which makes you Marfan-like tall. Alkaptonuria has urine that turns black on
standing. You can’t break down tyrosine, because you
don’t have a homo ox. Loose association “Homo oxes all have the
klap- they’re tired, so no white milk” Phenylketouria can’t turn phenylalanine into
tyrosine, so you must eat tyrosine. Your body smells musty to remind you that
you must eat tyrosine. LAM CHAP urine – another oddity of the med
school world. Help Hippo: Help Support the Hippocratic oath.