I’m John Valentino with John & Bob’s. We’re here at Oscar’s vegetable garden. I’m here with Chip. Chip and I are interested to see the yields
that Oscar gets when he uses John & Bob’s products. All of the normal benefits apply, that you
can hear about on any of our videos, in terms of more vibrant plants, more vitality, better
growth, better yield. All of those things apply because of life
in the soil. The thing thats a little added bonus growing
vegetables is there’s a lot of talk recently about nutrient deficiencies because of mineral
deficiencies in modern soils. Modern soil is impacted by chemical fertilizers
which damage the life in the soil. By using our products, beneficial life is
maximized in the soil and that maximizes the nutritious qualities of all the crops. Increased minerals and increased enzymes and
everything that’s good for our health is maximized in these products. Oscar speaks both English and Spanish but
he is a native Spanish speaker so he is going to do this video in Spanish and then we have
English subtitles. If you speak Spanish better than English,
you can listen to Oscar, and if you speak English better than Spanish, you can read
the subtitles and learn about his effective, tried and true methods for growing vegetables. Oscar Jimenez will now give you a tour of
the garden and let you know what has been effective for him this year. Hello my friends. My name is Oscar Jimenez and I want to tell
you about my experience using John & Bob’s products Since we started tending to this property,
we used synthetic products including fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides in this vegetable
garden. Four years ago, we started using John & Bob’s organic products 25% of the time. The results we saw were excellent and every
year we have increased the percentage of using these products. At this time we use 100% organics, no more
synthetic products. In this vegetable garden, we grow green beans,
pumpkin, corn, peppers, and the results are excellent. They are the same quality whether using synthetics
or John & Bob’s in that they have the same taste The only difference is that we no longer use
anything other than organic. 100% John & Bob’s organic. This is very beneficial for both us to eat
and for beneficial insects. At this time, everything has changed. We can see the beneficial insects are coming
to us again. Previously, they weren’t present in this
garden or the other areas that we have which include grass and ornamental flowers. I would recommend people use these products
because they are very excellent and they will be very happy with the results. Hello my friends. Today is June 29th. We planted these corn plants on April 15th. We used John & Bob’s products and you can
see the results of our plants. This plant was a single corn seed which resulted
in five corn. All are ready to harvest but they continue
to grow. This kind of corn, or rather this variety,
is pale yellow with a very excellent taste. Here on my right we have our tomato plants
which were also planted on April 15th. They are a little over two months old. They are not ready to eat yet but I am hopeful
they will mature quickly. Look at the size. The variety is ‘Walker’ and they are the
first to be ready this season. Excellent results, excellent taste, and healthy
plants. These are zucchini squash which look like
very pretty plants. Another reason they are so visually pleasing
is because we protect them from extreme temperatures. We help them in this way and it no longer
must be their job. Ok, here we have peppers. This is the long bell pepper. You can look at the size, it’s the size
of my hand. Excellent taste. Here we have three varieties of peppers. This is the sweet Italian pepper, the long
bell pepper, and the Armenian peppers. All of them are excellent quality and have
good taste. Here we have grapes, the variety is red glow. As you look at them, they aren’t quite ready to pick
but we anticipate excellent flavor. Here we have the green beans. As you can see they look like healthy plants. We have already harvested many green beans
and their season is about to end. The owner of the property is very fond of
the green beans. Finally I want to thank John & Bob’s for
making my job much easier. John & Bob’s gives me all that I need to
make the plants look like what you saw today: healthy and good quality. Thank you very much John & Bob’s.